Astronomy Tools
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  Link   Skyview Virtual Telescope
A virtual telescope.
  Link   WikiSky
Interactive planetarium.
  Link   Astronomy Data Services
Sun and Moon rising & setting times, phases, eclipses, seasons, occultations, etc. — from USNO.
  Link   NASA Eclipse Web Site
Information concerning past, present and future eclipses.
  Link   Sky Maps
Monthly publication quality star maps.
  Link   Comet Chasing
Detailed comet information for amateur astronomers.
  Link   Time and Date
Accurate time and date information for the entire world- includes sunrise, sunset, twilight, moon rise, moon set, moon phase, weather and much more.
  Link   Heavens Above
Orbital information for satellites (including the International Space Station) as well as an interactive sky map and other tools.
  Link   Google Sky
Interactive photograph of the entire sky