Amateur Astronomy
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  Link   Sea and Sky
A good all round astronomy resource with descriptions of the constellations, messier objects, an astronomy calendar and many other resources.
  Link   Cloudynights
Cloudynights is an active amateur astronomy community that hosts equipment reviews, articles, blogs and a user forum.
  Link   Skyhound
Greg Crinklaw's astronomy blog.
  Link   Adventures in Deep Space
A well written observer's blog.
  Link   Ed Ting's Telescope Reviews
A website featuring a large number of reviews for telescopes and other astronomy equipment.
  Link   The Heretic's Guide to Choosing and Buying Your First Telescope
There are a lot of people who are anxious to own a telescope to view the heavens above, but who need direction as to what scope to buy. This is my FAQ, and while I try to be objective, it does reflect my viewing biases.
  Link   Andy's Shot Glass
My mission is to help amateur astronomers-on-a-budget to get the most for their money and the most out of their equipment.
  Link   AstronomyBoy
Resources and tutorials for amateur astronomers.