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When the Sun shrinks to a dull red dwarf, it will not be dying. It will just be starting to live and everything that has gone before will merely be a prelude to its real history.

Arthur C. Clarke


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Space Station 3D at Imax
The Caribbean Institute of Astronomy in conjunction with Digicel Imax is hosting a special viewing of Space Station 3D for the astronomy community.

Space Station 3D is a fantastic must see documentary depicting the lives of astronauts in the International Space Station- all presented in glorious 3D.
Choosing Your First Telescope

Choosing a telescope can be a daunting task for a budding amateur astronomer. There are so many designs available across such a large spectrum of cost and quality that even experienced amateur astronomers feel bewildered sometimes. This article attempts to give an overall description of the telescopes and main accessories available in the hobby today, and also some very general advice on choosing a telescope. 


Choosing Your First Telescope PDF

Star Party 2011 a Success

The Caribbean Institute of Astronomy would like to thank all those who attended, assisted and participated in Star Party 2011 for making the event such a success.

We had a record turnout this year, and despite the heavy cloud cover the feedback has been very positive.

We now look forward to continuing our viewing events for the remainder of 2011, and of course to the next Star Party.

For photos of DStar Party 2011, please see our photo gallery here.  

6 Benefits of doing Amateur Astronomy in the Caribbean

Astronomy is usually seen as the domain of the developed world. However, many people would be surprised to know that, for the purposes of amateur astronomy, the Caribbean region has several distinct advantages over Europe and North America. In fact, noted astrophotographer Damian Peach has said that “The Caribbean is probably the finest site at sea level I have ever observed from with regard to the Astronomical seeing conditions, and Iʼve been able to obtain many very detailed images of the Planets that otherwise would not have been possible.”


In this article, I would like to outline 6 benefits that amateur astronomers in the Caribbean enjoy, on average, in comparison to their counterparts in North America and Europe.


To read the article, click here. 

New photos added

Hi Guys,


I know it's a bit late but we just added a bunch of new photos from some of CARINA'a activities this year, in celebration of IYA 2009. Please check the Photo Gallery and be sure to stayed tuned for more updates to come.  

CARINA in Grenada
CARINA officials, along with UNESCO brought the joy of astronomy to the Grenadine nationals between 22nd-24th May 2009.
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