CARINA Star Party 2015

The CARINA Star Party will be held on 21st March, 2015, at the Tracking Station in Macqueripe, Chaguaramas.  


Join CARINA in one of Trinidad's most fascinating settings and reacquaint yourself with the beauty of the Caribbean sky. Bring your family and friends and spread out picnic-style with telescope, binoculars or just a simple constellation map.

This will be our 12th year of hosting the CARINA Star Party. As usual, we will have an open air “Star Theatre” with presentations on astronomical topics, and a general introduction to the night sky. Multiple telescopes will be available for viewing, and Star Maps will be available for everyone. 

As in previous years, a limited number of tickets will be made available to make the event as comfortable as possible for everyone. There will also be tightly controlled access to the site and ample security to ensure complete safety right through the night. Those wishing to join us in an all-night camp-out under the stars are welcome.


For general Star Party information, see our 2009 Star Party page here.


For a map to the Star Party venue, click here. 

Tickets are $80.00

Available from:

Rostant Advertising, 38 Murray Street, Woodbrook

Eniath’s Printing, 105 Fredrick Settlement Industrial Park, Caroni

For more information call:

Isa Mohammed 685-0489

Graham Rostant 684-5776 
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