On Astrology
Written by Dr Shirin Haque   
Are they the same thing? One thing we know for sure, is that both have something to do with the planets and stars and skies. Those two terms are two of the  most confused terms in science – yet what  most people are really familiar with is astrology. Astrology is the pseudo science and a belief system that claims that people’s lives and destinies are affected by planetary motion and position of stars. It is the “sign” that everyone knows they are born under –almost all newspapers will carry the daily horoscope of the pseudo science Astrology.

Astronomy is the  real science that seeks to understand the Universe around us, its origin, the planets, the stars, and galaxies and all other constituents making up the Universe. Other sciences like physics, chemistry and mathematics have many inputs into astronomy.

In all fairness, the birth of the science of astronomy is in astrology as the ancient people projected their imagination and with it all kinds of fables into the heavens. The early astrologers were astronomers, 2000 years ago.  Astronomy and astrology are twin brothers that went their separate way - The constellations in the sky, or random  pattern the stars make , became the source of Greek mythologies.  They are artificial man made boundaries –they are human inventions and do not actually exist at all.

The astrology that people are generally familiar with in these times, simply refers to the constellation, like Aquarius , Sagittarius etc that is in a certain position in the sky when you are born, i.e the Sun is in those constellations  
– how is this for an interesting fact ? –

Our planet earth is said to precess or it spins like a top does, and due to this motion over hundreds of years – the months that the original signs refer to is no longer valid..and is now off by one sign! Yet astrologers turn a blind eye to that fact of science. The Astrological signs are about a month out from the Astronomical constellations.

Judicial astrology is based on that the earth is at the center of the solar system –which   has been shown to be wrong for hundreds of years now! Will we simply ignore the works of Kepler and Galileo after we have sent men to the moon based on laws of Physics?

Astronomy is based on the scientific method of observation, deduction and experiment. Astrology is not. All experiments performed on astrology are inconclusive and are unable to be proven. Astronomy is a science that can make verifiable predictions. Astrology's predictions are pretty much chance based and relies on subjective perceptions !  Astrology is exactly as it was 2000 years ago but new discoveries are made in Astronomy all the time as technology allows greater  access to,  and promotes greater  understanding of the Universe around us.

So, now that you know all of this…which will it be….? Astronomy or Astrology??
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