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October Highlights
Tue 7th - Moon at 1st quarter
TTAS AstroQuiz 2008
The fourth annual TTAS AstroQuiz will be held at 7:00 pm, Saturday 25th October at the Frank Stockdale Building, UWI.
September Highlights
Tue 2nd - First official day of Ramadan (new moon actually sighted on Sunday, August 31st by CARINA Director Isa Mohammed)

Moonsighting for August 31st 2008

Moon born - 30 August at 3.58 pm

31st August 2008–

Sunset occurs at 6.16 pm.

The moon will be about 8 deg above the horizon and about 10 deg. to the left of the sun.

It will be 26.3 hours old.

Moon will set by 6.52 pm and the best time to look for it will be around 6.30 pm.

This moon will be visible with the naked eye only if conditions are perfect.

Thanks for the support!
Hello all,

Thanks for all the support.

Even though  we still have a lot of work to do on the site, I would welcome everyone to visit and explore the sections that are close to completion.

The more feedback we get from everyone the more equipped we will be to make this site useful for enthusiasts across the region.

Managing an online community is relatively new ground for us so we are very willing to listen to ideas and suggestions from everyone.

I am also looking for a couple people to host a blog on the site, perhaps posting weekly contributions– this would go a long way towards keeping the community active and vibrant.

If anyone is interested in taking up the challenge, let me know.

Clear skies,

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